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Frequently Asked Question's

Online sending money process is quite easy. It’s a three step process.

1) Fill the registration form.
2) Attach Identification documents for example:
Passport, DVLA, Residency card, Utility bill, and bank statement.
3) Send money.

a) How to create transaction:
Login to your account:
i) Choose Country & Amount
ii) Choose your Recipient

iii) Send Money.

Login to your account:
i) Choose Country & Amount
ii) Choose your Recipient

iii) Send Money..

Depending upon Sending method & Destination country, transactions will be processed after the confirmation of your Funds. The indicated times may vary slightly for reasons beyond our control – such as additional security checks, time differences or market conditions in the destination country.

Note: Please also remember that transfers set up on a Friday afternoon, during the weekend or on bank holidays won’t be processed until the next business day, as we can’t send money when the banks are closed.

We'd advise you to check the individual country page for delivery methods and timescales.

a) Cash Pickup
Cash is available to collect instantly. It will be available for collection on next day if created after banking hours, week days and public holidays.

b) Bank Deposits

Bank deposits are facilitated within 2-3 business days. In case of incorrect bank details, it may incur additional delays.

The maximum amount depends on where you are and where you want to send because different countries get different rules relating money sending. For further information, please contact us at our helpline numbers.

Our fee depends on sending amount, sending method and receiving country, visit our Individual Country page for live exchange rates and transaction fee.

Transferring money to a foreign bank account, you need to enter certain numbers to ensure the money reaches your receiver timely and safely. You should get these numbers from your receiver.

To complete the transfer, we will normally need the receiver’s “Bank Name” and “Account Number”. For other countries you may be asked for one of the following:

ABA Routing number :
The ABA Routing number is also called the Routing Transit Number (RTN).

The International Bank Account Number is used in many countries around the world. The IBAN consists of alpha numeric characters varying in length as per financial institution.

BIC (or SWIFT) :

The Bank Identifier Code (sometimes called SWIFT) is used in many countries around the world. The BIC/SWIFT is either 8 or 11 digits long and includes numbers and letters.

You may access your account by using our password reset function on the website (Login page). Simply click on “Forgot Password” and enter your email, a password reset link will be sent to your email. Click the link and regenerate your password.

Our dedicated team will be available for your assistance as per below schedule: Monday - Saturday 10 AM – 11:59 PM GMT.

There are several options available for you to find answers to your raised concerns i.e.

E-mail us:
Send us an e-mail at info@hafizbros.com and we will respond to your query within the same day as long as your e-mail is sent between the weekdays.

Call us:

Helpline Number: +44 141 815 1122

Hafiz Bros Travel & Money Transfer Limited is an online transaction portal, you can send money via Debit/Credit card, Online Bank Transfer & Sofort Banking. Cash is not being facilitated.

Our system automatically generates a Transaction Reference which is needed at the time of Cash pick up. A valid Identification document of the receiver is also essential for payment collection.


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