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HAFIZ BROS established on 1st July. 2005 in the UK.

We are a UK Based Money Transfer Company regulated and licensed by HM Customs and Excise in the UK (Reg no: 12213247).

Our Head Office is based at

144 Calder Street 
G42 7QP, UK.
Ph: 0141 423 3037 


HAFIZ BROS has established by highly profiled professionals and is led by a highly skilled management team. Its operations are conducted by dedicated and focused professionals who ensure efficiency and reliability.


We are currently serving in Pakistan specially, the UAE and UK and are in the process of establishing our services in India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and the rest of the world to enable easy fingertip access to our services for all our valued customers and agents.


1. To provide swift, secure and the best quality service to our valued customers and agents.

2. To play an effective and efficient role against Money Laundering by strictly following HM Customs and Excise regulations.

3. HAFIZ BROS believes in fair dealing. To ensure this we require all of our associates and agents to obtain a valid license from HM Customs and Excise. As all of our operations are being conducted only through registered branches and licensed agents.

4. To build trustworthy relationships with financial organizations by following procedures in compliance with the HM Customs and Excise rules and regulations.

5. Our employees, customers and agents are our valuable assets. HAFIZ BROS LTD passionately commits to further enhance this relationship, by meeting their requirements, to plan and help them further enhance their business relationship within our organization.

6. To further expand our business in the travel and cargo sector.


HAFIZ BROS is a fast growing money transmittance company, providing an online money transmitting service to Pakistan.
The services we provide are:

1. Next Day delivery service. (Within 24 hrs)

2. Bank deposit service (within 1-3 days).

3. Home Delivery service in certain area.


1. We take pride to become a pioneer and market leader within the money transfer service.

2. We are one of the first money transmittance companies, which allow its agents and customers to make online transactions without the need for follow up faxes, emails or phone calls. We specialize in online money transfer and have introduced a reliable, secure, easy to use web based system with the convenience of transferring money online to the destination of your choice.

3. Due to the fact that we are an independent Money Transmittance company we have direct access to the international foreign exchange market. This enables us to offer the guaranteed best, yet highest daily exchange rates and wholesale rates to our agents and customers.

4. We are proud to have an ever increasing customer and agent data base and Endeavor continuously to win their trust and satisfaction.


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